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Welcome to the Groovy Movie Picture House: The World's First Mobile Solar Powered Cinema.

The Groovy Movie Picture House is dedicated to the promotion of the work of independent and underground film makers. From established professionals through to DIY enthusiasts, everybody's' work is considered for selection. We do however operate a policy of quality control, and the final decision for inclusion in the program is down to us. Each submission is judged on its own merits. Most get screened at some point in the tour, wherever suitable, but we do not have an "open screen" policy. If you have produced a piece that you would like to be screened in the Groovy Movie Picture House, at festivals around the UK and Europe, please let us know by clicking the contact link.


The Groovy Movie Picture House is proud to present Nina Paley's feature length animated masterpiece,

"Sita Sings the Blues"


Three miles north of Molkom.

One of our favorite submissions of the year, and now, we hope, well on the way to reaching a wider audience.
Hidden deep in the lakeside forests of Sweden, lies Angsbacka; a 21st Century playground for adults. Once a year, their gates open to a thousand international participants, placed in ‘Sharing Groups’ at random. A Swedish celebrity, a Californian hippy, a Finnish grandmother and a back-packing Australian rugby coach, who stumbled on the wrong party, are amongst the group that take us on an unforgettably quirky, two-week emotional roller-coaster. Will they ever be the same again?
after an amazing run at the Gothenburg International Film Festival, Three Miles North of Molkom picked up the Audience Award for best feature
(out of 450 dramas and documentaries screened).

Tales of the Riverbank

Younger audiences (and the young at heart) were treated to special preview screenings of the new version of the 70's TV classic tales of the riverbank. With the voices of Ardal O' Hanlon, Stephen Fry, Jim Broadbent and Steve Coogan.

One stormy day, our heroes are swept away by fierce waters and find themselves far from home. They meet and join forces in the search for the way back. And here begins their crazy journey, where laughter or danger is just around the corner.

Mischievous ferrets and a factory run by Fat Cats are just some of things threatening to destroy the river that they call home.

Free Jimmy

The Groovy Movie Picture House was proud to roadtest a prerelease of this remarkable Norwegian/UK animation. A true festival classic.

Four stoners, three gangsters, five vegans and a million reasons to free one junkie elephant…

We follow the story of four low life anti-heroes Roy Arnie (Woody Harrelson), Odd (Simon Pegg), Gaz (Phil Daniels) and Flea (Jay Simpson), who are uprooted from their mean city streets to work with Ringmaster Stromowski (Jim Broadbent) in a touring Russian circus in terminal decline. The star attraction is Jimmy, an elephant kept ‘happy’ on a cocktail of drugs. But Roy Arnie has a dream that one day he will run his own circus and he tells the boys that the key to his dream is Jimmy. On the opening night a bungled attempt to give Jimmy his ‘fix’ causes widespread panic. Jimmy escapes and so begins a mad cap cross country road-trip to find Jimmy before he goes cold turkey.

Joy Division - The Documentary

On June 4 1976, four young men from ruined, post-industrial Manchester, England went to see a Sex Pistols show at the Manchester Lesser Free Trade Hall. Inspired by the gig that is now credited with igniting the Manchester music scene, they formed what was to become one of the world's most influential bands, Joy Division.

Now, thirty years later, despite a tragedy that was to cut them off in their prime, they are enjoying a larger audience and more influence than ever before, with a profound legacy that resonates fiercely in today's heavily manufactured pop culture.

From director Grant Gee and producers Tom Atencio, Tom Astor and Jacqui Edenbrow, Joy Division chronicles a time of great social and political change in England and tells the untold story of four men who transcended economic and cultural barriers to produce an enduring musical legacy.


Over the years we have built up a great relationship with many independent and underground filmmakers. The Groovy Movie Picture House would like to thank all our contributors for sharing their work with our audiences. The following Films and producers are regularly featured in our screenings.

Heima - Sigur Ros


Last year, in the endless magic hour of the Icelandic summer, Sigur Rós played a series of concerts around their homeland. Combining both the biggest
and smallest shows of their career, the entire tour was filmed, and now provides a unique insight into one of the world’s shyest and least understood
bands captured live in their natural habitat.

Coldcut's Sound Mirrors


- A special selection from the new DVD from A/V pioneers Coldcut. Interpretations of tracks from the Sound Mirrors CD, by some of the most creative new video producers
featuring interviews with the artists.

Leningrad Cowboys - Total Balalaika Show


On June 12, 1993, Audience of 70.000 people witnessed a historical event on the Senate Square in Helsinki. Leningrad Cowboys performed for the first
time together with the 100 singers, 40 musicians and 20 dancers of the Alexandrov Red Army Chorus and Dance Ensemble, on the biggest stage ever seen
in Finland.
The programme included rock classics from "Happy Together" and "Delilah" to "Gimme All Your Lovin" and "Knocking On Heaven`s Door", as well as traditional
hits from the Ensemble`s own repertoire.
From the beginning to the end, the concert was a roaring success. Aki Kaurismäki and his crew filmed the event. TOTAL BALALAIKA SHOW is a documentary on
the concert, and extraordinary, unforgettable encounter of the old and the new, of East and West.

Black Cat White Cat

- A comedy from the director of 'Underground' and 'Arizona Dream', Emir Kusturica's 'Black Cat White Cat', Silver Lion Winner at
the Venice Film Festival 1998, is a riotous mix of farce, romance and crime. Set within a community of gypsy people, it tells a story of dodgy deals,
family ties, young love and magical occurences. Zare is in love with beautiful Ida but his crooked father Matko, having botched up a black market deal,
intends to marry him off to the sister of a powerful gangster - a woman so tiny that her nickname is Ladybird. Beautifully filmed on the banks of the
Danube this colourful comedy is crammed with spectacle, incident and the powerful music of Emir Kusturica's famous travelling gypsy band. Thanks to
Artificial Eye for permission to screen this film (

Emir Kusturica

Eco Village Pioneers


Undercurrents investigates Low impact communities in the UK and abroad

As Old as my Tongue


The life and Myth of legendary 105 year old singer Bi Kidude, from Zanzibar. A film by Screenstation

Naked London Bike Ride


the story of a hilarious environmental protest involving 200 naked cyclists taking to the streets of london.
Narrated by Jon Snow (features a little occasional tasteful and non gratuitous nudity) - 25 mins


- an animation by Nina Paley - a comical look at the environmental impact of babies - 4 mins

Also from Nina Paley - Pandorama and Fetch.

Animations by Ed Hartwell

Finger Kingdom - features the adventures of a ridiculous collection of medieval finger puppets

Bus Kong - Animated battle between Good and Evil, or in this case the Routemaster bus and the Bendybus. Like king cong but with public transport!


American computer animators Animusic, create virtual machines which appear to play complex music tracks. Mechanically and acoustically precise, an audio visual feast.


Yellow Submarine meets Monty Python in this part animated story of the Greymen in their battle against the fools ark. Footage from the construction of Dadara's fool's Ark installation at the Burning Man Festival (USA) 2003 is intertwined into an audio visual journey through forgotten worlds. The result is a magical meeting of reality and fantasy that departs from the documentary format and turns into an intense surrealistic story, animated by Jesse Limmen, and loaded with colourful and weird characters in their combat against all that is grey and boring. Soundtrack features music from Lamb.


Dusk till dawn in Moscow, 1929. A beautifully shot experimental Russian documentary by Dziga Vertov, with a modern score by the Cinematic Orchestra. Released on Ninja Tune.


For over a decade, Undercurrents have produced and compiled a regular alternative news reel featuring unusual documentaries, social justice stories, environmental issues, political satire and conscious music videos. Undercurrents coined the phrase Video Activism and actively encourage individuals and groups to air their issues through the powerful medium of digital video. Undercurrents regularly program screening in the Groovy Movie Picture House at Glastonbury Festival and the Big Green Gathering, as well as contributing content at many of our other events. Undercurrents greatest hits include: Cows with Guns. Wild Horses of Newbury. Mark Thomas Live. Tony Blair and George Bush love duet ( Oddsocks. Seize the Day, GMO and Hawk Jet music videos. For more information about Undercurrents films and Video Activism go to


One of our all time favourites. A five minute animated classic produced over four years by Nico Clarke, in his spare time! A journey through a tropical and underwater world inspired by the music of George Gershwin.


Cheeky remix of soap opera cliff-hanger. Pat and Peggy slap to the rhythm. Naughty, unauthorised creativity from Cartel Collective


Producers of films highlighting environmental and social justice issues from around the world. Amazanga, exploring the threats to the inhabitants and ecosystem of the tropical rainforests in Ecuador


A film from Lame Ox Productions following the direct action against logging in the Humboldt Valley USA


A documentary about the Burning Man Festival USA, from Purple Productions.


Surreal computer animated cautionary tale from animator Mike Futcher, along with other great films from his DVD.