Its a modern miracle!

   VJ Monochrome’s Marvelous Mechanical Phonoscope is a Giant Tricycle Chock full of digital gadgetry & multimedia gizmos.

   By day the Phonoscope is a mobile Public Address System, utilising high quality Turbosound speakers and an Allen & Heath Audio desk to facilitate pop-up performances, announcements, and musical appreciation wherever appropriate.

By night its a veritable vehicle of visual delights. a myriad of multicoloured lights, topped with a cinematic screen and projector.  

   VJ Monochrome's vast variety of vintage videos keep the joint jumping with singalong favourites and eccentric obscurities from the 1920's to the 2020's

Monochrome’s Phonoscope - A video jukebox wherever required.

   Night & Day, the Phonoscope never fails to astound. Its the craziest contraption on site, and the most fun you will find on three wheels.

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